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Master's internship offers 2020-2021

Department Developmental Genomics and Genetics (DGG)

Intitulé : Characterization of Arabidopsis 3D chromatin organization in response to a biotic stress

Responsable : BENHAMED Moussa  (moussa.benhamed @ ips2.universite-paris-saclay.fr)


Title: Characterization of lncRNAs involved in lateral root development

Supervisor: BLEIN Thomas (thomas.blein @ cnrs.fr)


Title: Understanding the glandular trichome development in tomato

Supervisor: BOUALEM Adnane, BOUALEM Adnane  (adnane.boualem @ inrae.fr)


Title: A role for ethylene in the systemic and local regulation of symbiotic nodulation

Supervisor: BRAULT Mathias (mathias.brault @ ips2.universite-paris-saclay.fr)


Title: Influence of CO2 concentrations and light on systemic pathways regulating legume root development and symbiotic nodulation

Supervisors:FRUGIER Florian (florian.frugier @ cnrs.fr) - (axel.de-julien-de-zelicourt @ universite-paris-saclay.fr)De ZELICOURT Axel (axel.de-julien-de-zelicourt @ universite-paris-saclay.fr).fr (axel.de-julien-de-zelicourt @ universite-paris-saclay.fr)


Title: Understanding the role of FALSIFLORA in coordinating reproductive development in tomato

Supervisor: GOMEZ Victoria (maria-victoria.gomez-roldan @ ips2.universite-paris-saclay.fr)


Title: Roles of DCL3 and related siRNAs in symbiotic nodule development of Medicago truncatula

Supervisor: LELANDAIS Christine (christine.lelandais @ univ-paris-diderot.fr)



Department Physiology and Signaling (PHYSI)

Title: Role of MAPK signalling in plant adaptation to heat and drought in the context of climate changes

Supervisor: COLCOMBET Jean (jean.colcombet @ inrae.fr)


Title: Role of mitochondrial respiration in under-ground development of Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings

Supervisor: MERENDINO Livia (livia.merendino @ universite-paris-saclay.fr)


Title : Metabolomic and transcriptomic analyses of Arabidopsis thaliana inoculated with the beneficial microbe Enterobacter sp. SA187 under elevated CO2 conditions

Supervisor : De ZELICOURT Axel (axel.de-julien-de-zelicourt @ universite-paris-saclay.fr)


Title: Redox control of hormone signaling and biosynthetic pathways in Arabidopsis

Supervisor: ISSAKIDIS-BOURGUET Emmanuelle (emmanuelle.issakidis-bourguet @ universite-paris-saclay.fr)


Title: Functional characterization of the phosphatase inhibitor ATI-2 based on its MAPK and CDPK phosphocode

Supervisor:LANG Julien (julien.lang @ inrae.fr)


Department Plant-Microbe Interactions and Networks (PMIN)

Title: From co-regulation network to gene functional validation: plastid and stress response

Supervisor: DELANNOY Etienne (etienne.delannoy @ inrae.fr)


Title: Impact of elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide on the defense response of the model cereal species Brachypodium distachyon to biotic stress

Supervisor: DUFRESNE Marie (marie.dufresne @ universite-paris-saclay.fr)

Title: Impact of climate change on plant-pathogen interactions: impact of high CO2 and high temperatures on fungi and virus resistance in common bean

Supervisors: PFLIEGER Stéphanie (stephanie.pflieger @ universite-paris-saclay.fr) - GRATIAS Ariane (ariane.gratias-weill @ universite-paris-saclay.fr)  - GEFFROY Valérie (valerie.geffroy @ ips2.universite-paris-saclay.fr)